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Affiliate Program Introduction:

Affiliate programs are the only way you can make money without doing any hard work. We will do all the selling, your only job is to send visitors to our website. You earn a HUGE 33% commission for every eBook Generator Software that is purchased through your Affiliate Link.

That is up to $30.00 for every sale!
Commissions Range from $8.00 -$30.00
On The Version Being Sold!

We are using a third-party tracking service to ensures the integrity of the affiliate commission system. It is important for you to understand that your paychecks are GUARANTEED every 15th of the month. We chose as our third-party affiliates tracking company because we've found that is state-of-the-art and the most accurate and fairest way of tracking referral sales.

All you have to do is refer them to a special URL that we will provide to you after you signup. If your visitor purchases any of our products you earn 33%  commission automatically.

3 Steps to Making Money With eBook Generator


Benefits of Affiliate Status:
  • Each Affiliate will receive their own redirect URL that is Search Engine compatible.
  • Affiliates will have access to our tools and resources that we have developed to market eBook Generator.
  • Affiliates will be notified of any enhancements or new releases from eBook Generator first.
  • Affiliates will be able to participate in Sales and Marketing Contests that eBook Generator my sponsor from time to time.
  • Affiliates will have unparalleled marketing support from the staff of eBook Generator to aid them in their marketing efforts.

Step 1.) Signup for a Clickbank Account if you
               don't already have one.
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Step 2.) Fill out our Affiliate Registration shown below.


eBook Generator Affiliate Registration

You must be a Clickbank Member in order to register as an Affiliate with eBook Generator. If you are not yet a Clickbank Member, please click on the link in Step 1.

You will be emailed your eBook Generator Website URL and ads that we have put together to help you succeed as an eBook Generator Affiliate.

You will be redirected back to this page where you can choose the banners that you would like to use on your website.

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Step 3.) Use the tools and resources in our Affiliate
               Members Area to get on the Fast Track with eBook Generator.


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To start earning cash today, enter your ClickBank nickname in the blank below, then click the button. Your personalized reseller HTML code will appear in the blanks below. Choose a link format, then simply cut and paste the HTML code into your web page.


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